StarVR One User Guide

Get started

Once you've completed all setup processes, you can now put on your StarVR One HMD to start exploring VR.

To reduce the risks of personal injury, discomfort or property damage, please ensure that you have read Important Health and Safety Information for StarVR Products carefully before using StarVR One HMD.


Once SteamVR™ is running, SteamVR™ Home will be displayed in VR.

Put on/take off StarVR One HMD

1.     Detach the velcro fastener on the headband. Turn the adjustment knobcounterclockwise until it is large enough for your head.

2.     Put HMD towards your eyes, and press down the strap around the back of yourhead. Then, find the best fit for yourself.

3.     Turn the adjustment knob clockwise until HMD fits snugly, and then reattach thevelcro fastener on the headband.

4.     Adjust the earphone to a comfortable position over your ears.

5.     When taking off HMD, turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise and pull upwardwith both hands from front and rear positions.


We recommend you wear contact lenses with StarVR One HMD. Use of HMD with eyeglasses may increase the risk of facial injury or scratch the lenses if you fall or hit your face.

Adjust IPD on HMD

When you put on HMD, the positioning guidances are displayed (two inverted  ; one is white, and another is red.) If you enable Auto IPD Adjustment function in Settings of StarVR Compass for obtaining the best IPD and viewing experience, please move around your HMD slightly to make two inverted   overlapped (they will turn into green).

If the two positioning guidances are not displayed on HMD, just take off HMD and wait for 10 seconds, then put it on again.


Make sure HMD is secured comfortably on your head in order to see a single and clear image.