ZeroLight and StarVR® Partner to Deliver Truly Premium Immersive Experiences

MEDIA ADVISORY, 1st June 2017

Premium virtual reality (VR) headset manufacturer StarVR and automotive visualisation specialists ZeroLight have confirmed a showcase of their latest developments, an ultra-high definition automotive virtual reality experience, during London Tech Week. The demonstration will take place at VR & AR World, June 13th-15th at London’s ExCeL, promising to show one of the most visually impressive VR experiences to date. Focussed on the commercial potential of immersive technologies, the event will also host a talk held by ZeroLight’s Chief Marketing Officer Francois de Bodinat and StarVR’s Guillaume Gourard on the initiative to deliver premium commercial VR and its impact on presence, perception and user engagement.

“Quality and innovation are the foundation upon which we build our experiences.” says Francois de Bodinat, Chief Marketing Officer at ZeroLight. “The team at Starbreeze and Acer have delivered a headset with a display that can deliver truly high-definition content such as ours, taking the medium forward within enterprise.”

ZeroLight have created some of the most recognisable commercial automotive VR experiences to date. The partnership with StarVR will allow delegates to configure, explore and interact with a digital vehicle using an industry leading HMD that can deliver the company’s high-quality visual experiences to their intended resolution with a 210-degree field of view.

“With StarVR we’re focusing on facilitating premium commercial content creators like ZeroLight with a truly high definition HMD that showcases the full potential of their experiences, inspiring the future of enterprise in VR. We’re excited to be showing the latest R&D with a partner that is powering forward thinking retail concepts within the automotive space.” said Guillaume Gouraud, Industry Relations and Business Development Europe for StarVR Inc.

Find out more about StarVR, ZeroLight and VR&AR World before visiting or contact the team to find out more.

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StarVR®, Starbreeze and Acer showcases the Future of Enterprise in Virtual Reality at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, May 16-19


LAS VEGAS (May 15, 2017) Present in the Bellagio Ball Room Lounge Exhibit, SALT conference attendees will be able to get a glimpse of the future of enterprise solutions in virtual reality (VR). A tailored experience will showcase in the unique StarVR VR Head Mounted Display (HMD).

The StarVR HMD is a premium VR display built from the ground-up for enterprise use with its 5K resolution and 210-degree field of view, offering solutions above and beyond home environment setups. From the rapid prototyping and development of custom controllers to a scalable solution to have tracking volumes at almost any size, StarVR is dedicated to ensuring whatever your business needs. High quality enterprise grade virtual reality is no longer out of reach.

Top-tier technical specifications aside, StarVR is ideally suited for enterprise use due to a key part in its offering, its ‘natural vision’, well suited for simulation and training for the defence industry, engineering and construction as well as enabling pilots to train in a virtual cockpit with full readability on controls, car manufacturers to render their models in full resolution and life sized scale and architects to fully visualize and immerse both designers and customers in new projects to name a few examples.

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IMAX unveils comprehensive virtual reality strategy; launches location-based initiative through partnership with Starbreeze

IMAX to Create Fully Integrated Premium Out-of-Home VR Offering
Encompassing Camera Capture, Content Distribution and Delivery 

NEW YORK – May 20, 2016 – IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX) today announced its strategy to develop a premium location-based virtual reality offering that will deliver immersive, multi-dimensional experiences, including entertainment content and games, to multiplexes, malls and other commercial destinations. Following yesterday’s IMAX Google VR camera announcement, IMAX has expanded its initiative to include a joint venture agreement with Starbreeze AB, a Swedish-based independent creator, publisher and distributor of high-quality VR entertainment content and hardware.

Pressrelease for download:  IMAX Starbreeze VR Partnership 5-20-16

Under the agreement, IMAX will create a premium VR experience that will leverage Starbreeze’s unique StarVR® headset technology, which provides a 210-degree full peripheral field of view – double that of any other VR headset currently available – to offer a truly immersive VR experience that is worthy of the IMAX® brand. As part of the partnership, Starbreeze’s existing library of VR entertainment content and games will be made available to consumers as well as the premium content resulting from the IMAX Google VR camera. IMAX will also look to establish new VR content partnerships through its existing Hollywood filmmaker and studio relationships. Meanwhile, Starbreeze will bring new interactive content through its publishing and partnerships in the gaming industry, which includes its relationship with leading Hollywood studio Lionsgate, with whom Starbreeze is developing its John Wick VR game as well as others.

IMAX sees a unique opportunity to combine premium equipment, more robust computing power, and expansive spaces to create a highly differentiated, destination-based VR experience that will draw audiences out of their homes, similar to the strategy IMAX has successfully employed in the cinema space.

“As technology and entertainment options evolve, we continue to innovate and find new platforms to extend The IMAX Experience,” said IMAX Corp. CEO Richard L. Gelfond. “We believe VR is an area that holds tremendous promise and is a natural progression for IMAX given our established worldwide brand presence, our immersive entertainment technology know-how, and strong industry relationships with filmmakers, studios and exhibitors. Just as IMAX provides the best cinematic experience, Starbreeze is a pioneer in the burgeoning VR market and its headsets will deliver a wider, “IMAX-like” field of view to allow consumers to see, feel, move and play in new worlds in a powerfully immersive and realistic way. While our partnership with Google puts IMAX in the VR capture business, Starbreeze brings the capabilities in content distribution and delivery that, when combined, help us to establish a complete offering across the VR ecosystem.”

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