StarVR, Starbreeze and Acer Showcases the Future of Enterprise in Virtual Reality at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, May 16-19

LAS VEGAS (May 15, 2017) Present in the Bellagio Ball Room Lounge Exhibit, SALT conference attendees will be able to get a glimpse of the future of enterprise solutions in virtual reality (VR). A tailored experience will showcase in the unique StarVR VR Head Mounted Display (HMD).

The StarVR HMD is a premium VR display built from the ground-up for enterprise use with its 5K resolution and 210-degree field of view, offering solutions above and beyond home environment setups. From the rapid prototyping and development of custom controllers to a scalable solution to have tracking volumes at almost any size, StarVR is dedicated to ensuring whatever your business needs. High quality enterprise grade virtual reality is no longer out of reach.

Top-tier technical specifications aside, StarVR is ideally suited for enterprise use due to a key part in its offering, its 'natural vision', well suited for simulation and training for the defence industry, engineering and construction as well as enabling pilots to train in a virtual cockpit with full readability on controls, car manufacturers to render their models in full resolution and life sized scale and architects to fully visualize and immerse both designers and customers in new projects to name a few examples.

The StarVR showcase will be provided in the Bellagio Ball Room Lounge Exhibit on appointment and walk-up basis. Visitors and media representatives are welcome to reach out to the contact details listed below for scheduling or further details.


For more information and appointment requests, please contact:

Maeva Sponbergs, EVP of Communication and Head of Investor Relations,
Starbreeze AB/StarVR Corp.

Phone: +1 424-382 9430, email:


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