General FAQ

Please go to our Developer Support to send your request.

Unity is supported through SteamVR and we’re working on a Unity Developer Guide to help you optimize your content for StarVR One. The developer guide will be available in May.

Unreal Engine is supported through SteamVR. Developers can refer to our Unreal Developer Guide for building StarVR One projects with optimized configurations.

PC internal NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080Ti or NVIDIA® Quadro RTX5000. External graphic card (i.e. thunderbolt ) is not supported.

1. Please see the brown carton outer sticker

2. Please see the sticker on the bottom of the product

Try the following:

- There are specific requirements for supported graphics card and connectors defined in the 1.2 System Requirement section.Please make sure your computer is compatible with the requirements.

- Make sure you have connected the cables properly.

- Unplug and reconnect all cables.

- HMD tracking has been lost. Try slowly waving HMD towards the Tracking Base Stations to regain tracking.

- Ensure that Tracking Base Stations are pointing towards HMD in all positions, also when you move or turn around in the room.

- Please be aware that reflective surfaces may interfere with tracking; if possible, cover all reflective surfaces in the Tracking Base Stations' field of view.

StarVR One HMD supports all earphones with a 3.5mm audio jack on the market.

Face foam can be cleaned or washed with neutral detergent. Machine wash and tumble dry at low heat are also allowed. However, do not use fabric softener to wash, and ironing, dry cleaning, and bleaching are not allowed.

If the lenses are dirty or have fogged up during use, gently clean them with the microfiber cloth. Do not use facial tissues because they will scratch the lenses. Do not use chemicals or detergents.