StarVR One User Guide


In order to connect StarVR One HMD to your computer, you’ll need two DisplayPort and two USB-A ports. While HMD is equipped with two USB-C cables, we are providing a Cable Adapter that will convert from 2x USB-C to 2x DisplayPort and 2x USB-A.


VirtualLink ports are not supported yet, please don’t connect HMD’s USB-C cables directly to the graphic card.


Please avoid to unplug any HMD cables (USB-C, DisplayPort, USB-A...etc.) while using them, because unexpected errors might occur if doing so.


Read before you start

•    Only power on Cable Adapter after all cables are connected.

•    USB-C cable is reversible at Cable Adapter side.

•    5m extension cable with USB-C connector is not reversible at HMD side.


What’s in the box

StarVR One HMD overview


•    Wipe the lenses and face foam using a microfiber cloth when necessary.

•    Do not cover ventilation openings on HMD.

Hardware Installation

Lighthouse Installation

StarVR One is compatible with SteamVR™ tracking system. Please follow the guidelines provided with SteamVR™ Base Stations to install them properly in a room with a recommended size.


•    Make sure your Tracking Base Stations are mounted or set on a solid surface that isn't prone to vibration or movements, which can cause tracking problems.

•    Tracking Base Stations beam signals to HMD and controllers. Do not cover the front (convex) surface with any material.

•    In the ideal setup, Tracking Base Stations should be above head height (at least 6.5 feet / 2 meters). If the position is too high or too low, it will affect the signal transmission.

HMD Installation


•    A 5m Type-C cable is provided with your StarVR One HMD. For some specific scenario, you can also decide to not use it and connect HMD to Cable Adapter directly (for example: when using a VR backpack computer).

•    When you use the 5m Type-C cable, please be aware of not to step on it.

1.     Connect the female connectors of 5m Type-C cable to the male connectorson HMD Type-C Cable, with the color codes respectively: orange to orange and grey to grey).

2.     Connect the male connectors of 5m Type-C cable to the female connectorson Cable Adapter.

3.     Secure the cable connectors by clipping Secure Cable Holders.

4.     In order to hear sound, you’ll have to connect a 3.5mm jack headphone (not provided) to HMD Audio Cable.

GPU and DP Port Installation

1.     Connect the USB cables and DisplayPort cables from Cable Adapter to your computer, and connect the power cable from Cable Adapter to a power socket. Additionally, please ensure that both HMD and monitor are connected to the same GPU.

2.     Apply the provided anti-alip mat on the back of the Cable Adapter.