Unreal SteamVR Plugin

VR Camera Setup

This section focuses on how to set up your VR camera for a standing StarVR experience.

1. Open your main Pawn Blueprint to check the hierarchy in the Components panel. Add the Scene and Camera components at the original position as shown below, and ensure that the Camera component is a child of the Scene component.


2. In the Details panel of the Camera component, ensure that “Lock to Hmd” enabled and “Use Pawn Control Rotation” is disabled. Tracking origin will be set to Floor Level by default.


3. Drag your Pawn Blueprint from the Content Browser to the level, then set the “Auto Possess Player” dropdown to Player 0 in the Details panel under the Pawn settings.


4. Select “VR Preview” from the play menu, then press the Play button. This will activate the StarVR HMD and display the level.



All screenshots were taken with Unreal 4.22. The user interface may look different in other versions.