Unreal SteamVR Plugin


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1. Cascaded shadows of directional lights disappear in the right-eye view. How do I fix this?

Most static or movable objects lose their cascaded shadow from directional light because the object’s bounds are outside the range of the shadow frustum. There are two ways to solve this:

A.  Expand the Rendering setting of objects in the level.
Set Bounds Scale from 1  to 10.
It’s usually possible to ignore shadow culling to cast shadows.


B.  Change the Mobility of directional lights from Movable to Stationary, then build Lightmass for the level. After the light build is complete, static objects will be shaded by lightmaps and movable objects will use Per Object shadows to cast shadows.

Refer to Shadow Casting of UE4 Document.

2. GPU particles are culled in the right-eye view.


GPU Particles are culled because the Collision module is assigned in the containing Particle System. Find the Collision module, then set Collision Mode from Scene Depth to Distance Field inside the Details panel. This allows GPU Particles to use reliable collision in the HMD.

Refer to Epic’s documentation on Using Particle Collision Mode for Distance Fields.


3. How do I implement eye-tracking in my project?

Eye-tracking support in StarVR One is provided through Tobii's plugins. We suggest using Tobii’s G2OM (Gaze-2-Object-Mapping), which provides an out of the box solution for determining which object the user is looking at. Please refer to the Unreal Engine guide here (Guide, G2OM, Examples).