Unreal StarVR Plugin

Importing the Plugin

The StarVR One Plugin can be imported and installed easily as described in the following sections.

Obtaining the Plugin

To obtain the StarVR One Plugin, please proceed to the StarVR official repository, and request the latest package.
Unreal Engine Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.22, 4.23, 4.24

Installing the Plugin

Once downloaded, the Unreal Plugin for the StarVR HMD must be incorporated into the
projects to be enabled. See the following guidelines for details on how to proceed.
- Download the plug-in
- If open, close the project to be modified
1. Locate the project root folder, see the following Note, and create a folder and name it Plugins. Make sure the assigned folder name of the Plugin is created before placing the plug-in into the target folder.

Note: The default project root directory is C:/Users/<UserName>/Documents/UnrealProjects/

2. Transfer the files from the downloaded plug-ins package to the new Plugins folder. The following is an example of the folder structure, where [Plugin Name] is the designation of the Plugin folder name.
[Project Root]Plugins[Plugin Name]

3. The next step is to enable the StarVR plug-in by opening the Unreal Editor.

Note: It may be necessary to rebuild the project the first time it is opened.

4. Once the project is opened, from the top menu bar, navigate to Edit > Plugins to open the plug-in window. See the following figure for details.

5. Select the Project tab from the top menu bar.

6. Under the Modes panel, select Installed > Virtual Reality to open the properties frame.

7. On the displayed menu, the StarVR plug-in is displayed. Locate the enabled option and click it to enable it. The StarVR Unreal Engine Plugin is activated.

8. From the top menu bar, navigate to Edit > Plugins.

9. From the Modes panel, locate Built-in and scroll down to Virtual Reality.

10. Locate the SteamVR plug-in and click Enable to deselect the plug-in and deactivate it.

The plug-in is now installed successfully and ready for developers to use in developing and creating stunning content for the StarVR HMD, bringing the user's experience to the next level in entertainment, educational, and commercial applications.