Unreal StarVR Plugin

Additional Information

Instanced Stereo

Instanced Stereo Rendering is designed to lessen the performance impact of VR in UE4. This particular feature can be enabled or disabled through Project Settings, available under Edit > Project Settings > Rendering > VR.

Instanced Stereo is disabled by default, however, if you migrate your existing project from other UE plugins, please make sure Instanced Stereo is Disabled. The StarVR plugin may support Instanced Stereo in future updates.

1. Launch Unreal Engine 4.22.3 and open a project.

2. Select Project Settings to change the settings of the currently loaded project.

The Project Settings window displays.

3. Under the Project content column, select Engine > Rendering

4. Locate the VR settings category disable Instanced Stereo if it isn’t already disabled.