Unreal StarVR Plugin

Sampling a Project

When the Unreal Engine is launched, the Unreal Project browser displays. Through the browser, the sample project can be utilized to initiate the StarVR One HMD Plugin. By using the sample project, you can easily experience the stunning results provided by the StarVR One HMD.
Prior to testing the sample project, the contents must first be downloaded. To download the contents visit the StarVR website. Once the package is downloaded, save it in a location accessible on your system.

Launching the Sample Project

The downloaded sample requires preparation before it can be launched. First import the content to a designated folder, then run the sample in the Unreal Engine. See the following guidelines to accomplish both of these steps.

To import the content to a local folder :
1. Select a folder location, such as C:unreal_demoStarVR_Sample, that is accessible with both read and write privilege.

2. Uncompress to the designated folder in the previous step, the sample content provided in the sample package.

3. Create a folder in a preferred location (For example C:Unreal_DemoStarVR_Sample) which allows files to be accessed with read and write. Unzip the sample content and placed into the assigned folder location.
To launch the sample project:

4. Right-click on the .uproject file in the folder to open interface.

5. From the Select Unreal Engine Version menu, click the drop-down menu to select the engine version number. In this case, select Unreal Engine version 4.22.3.

6. Open the project by double-clicking the file .uproject.

7. The project contents load in the Unreal Editor. Once loaded, locate the navigation menu, and click Play to open the Modes drop menu.

8. Select VR Preview to enable the contents on the StarVR One HMD.

The sample project displays through the StarVR One HMD. With the controllers enabled and tracking, they are also visible in the respective position through the HMD.