Reporting from Immersed Spain

In early September, we went to the Immersed Europe conference in Spain.

On the 2nd and 3rd of September, Starbreeze stole the show presenting a slightly updated version of the 210 degrees StarVR Headset. Members of the VR industry, technology innovators as well as members of the public had the chance to test the OVERKILL's The Walking Dead VR-experience in the same conditions as at E3 2015.

Emmanuel Marquez, Starbreeze CTO, opened the two day conference, followed by Sony, Crytek, AMD and several members of the Videogame Industry. Outside the conferences, intense discussions on hardware and content occurred during specific workshops and inside the public exhibition area.

The StarVR Team was pleased to be able to discuss with VR fans from Spain and all over Europe. Next up will be Immersed Toronto!

About Immersed Europe: To date, conferences and events for immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and stereoscopic 3D have been disproportionately centralized in Silicon Valley and the American West Coast.  However, the same industry-building enthusiasm and ability exists in other parts of the world, and it’s time this potential was tapped for everyone’s benefit.

After the success of the first Immersed conference in Toronto, Canada in November, 2014, the participants identified Europe as an under-served market in the immersive technology industry.


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