Premiering the Cinematic VR-experiene "Cockatoo Spritz" at Cannes May 11-20

Starbreeze, partnering with Acer, Audeze and Glenfiddich, is currently showcasing its first internally produced cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) experience titled “Cockatoo Spritz” directed by Stephane Barbato.

Starting on Wednesday May 11th Starbreeze will showcase the new VR-experience Cockatoo Spritz and Overkill’s The Walking Dead VR-Experience at the Majestic Hotel at the heart of Cannes. On Sunday May 15th an event will be arranged to further exclusively preview the experience for select invitees.

“We felt the need to creatively push the movie industry into the VR space to fully realize the potential in the new medium, and at the same time showcase the strength of StarVR’s 210 field of view. We early decided to shoot in France. There is an amazing strong technical and creative environment here, so it really made sense to base the production here.” said Michael Hjorth, Starbreeze Chairman who executive produced the experience together with Emmanuel Marquez, Starbreeze CTO. “In discussions with Stephane Barbato, the director we decided to get inspiration from the early French pioneers, like the Lumiere brothers, and the movies of Lubistch and Billy Wilder.

“Cockatoo Spritz tells the story of the effervescence. ‘Spritz’ is the spirit of the show, the funny in the air, the sparkling in the eyes. Looks around you ‘Spritz’ is everywhere…” said Stephane Barbato about the experience. 

Starbreeze first VR-project was produced to explore the interactive game space in the Overkill’s the Walking Dead VR-experience which premiered at E3 2015 where the company also launched its 210-degree field of view StarVR head mounted display. Now, the “Cockatoo Spritz” dives into the film world and presents the new medium from a cinematic perspective.

For more information on how to book an appointment at the Majestic, please email: 


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