The 210-Degree Field of View StarVR One Now Supports Sim Racing

VR headsets have become the rage these days among sim racers; as technology in the gaming world continues to advance at a rapid pace, VR headsets are expected to become more integral in the overall racing simulation experience.

You are now able to fully immerse yourself in iRacing and Assetto Corsa with StarVR One. StarVR One’s 210-degree ultra-wide field of view allows you to see the rearview mirrors from the corners of your eyes with peripheral vision where you can track your competitors’ whereabouts and adjust your own racing strategy. It also increases the sense of speed with visuals rapidly passing by on the mirrors by the driver and passenger’s seats which gives you an unprecedented immersive experience. Furthermore, the 90Hz low persistence refresh rate of StarVR One delivers a smooth driving experience in such motion intensive environments.

“Simulation is all about immersion. Providing near-human vision angles, StarVR One breaks through VR HMD field of view limitations, putting you right in the simulation for the most intuitive racing experiences,” said Jane Hsu, Marketing Head of StarVR.

iRacing and Assetto Corsa racers can now place purchase inquiries via, or contact local resellers .  


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