Natural Field of View. Achieved

StarVR One is designed to elevate the sense of presence to a whole new level in VR. Our breakthrough architecture reaches almost 100% of the field of view when looking forward. The unparalleled 210 degree horizontal,130 degree vertical field of view brings the user experience ever closer to their natural peripheral vision and is a game changer for immersion in every VR session.

Every Detail. Crystal Clear.

When creating the illusion of reality in VR, details and clarity matter. Our custom made AMOLED displays are designed specifically for VR, serve up 16 million sub-pixels at a refresh rate of 90 frames per second that can be fine-tuned for the content. Coupled with our custom designed Fresnel lenses, we are able to offer a crystal clear visual experience within the entire field of view.

True Colors in VR

When it comes to colors, it's at the margins of perception where the line between VR and real life gets blurred. The StarVR One proprietary full RGB AMOLED displays provide a professional grade color gamut, bringing real life colors to your eyes, while the custom lens design and state-of-the-art manufacturing precision ensure great contrast and true colors.

Power in Every Gaze

Our eye tracking feature was part of StarVR One development roadmap since the conceptual stage. It is seamlessly integrated with Tobii eye tracking technology that captures critical information about every subtle eye movement for insightful gaze analysis. Eye tracking also enables dynamic foveated rendering which concentrates high quality rendering directly where the eyes are focused, and IPD measurement which automatically provides the best image for every new set of eyes.

Light. Comfortable. Multi-User Friendly

While the focus on image quality and a natural field of view were of utmost importance, we also ensured that the headset could be comfortably worn for extended sessions. The headset weighs in at just 450 grams. The semi-rigid headband comes with our proprietary one dial 3-way adjustment mechanism that lets you put the headset on quickly, and ensures a balanced comfortable fit. The StarVR One headset is lined with specially coated materials, making it easy to clean, and truly ready for multi-user environments.

  • More

    Lightweight at just 450 grams

  • More

    Highest quality materials with special coating

  • More

    Proprietary one dial 3-way adjustment mechanism for quick fasten and relief


Easy Upgrade to Premium VR

Development of new content or upgrading your existing VR experience to our premium wide FOV platform is made easy with our fully featured SDK. The StarVR SDK API is designed to be familiar to developers working with existing industry standard and empowered with feature sets beyond other platforms.

  • Embeddable run-time for third-party applications
  • Support for OpenGL®, DirectX® 11, DirectX® 12 and Vulkan™
  • Plug-in for Unreal™ and Unity® support
  • Optimized exclusively for Nvidia VRWorks™
  • CUDA® accelerated video decoding sample
  • Dual Input VR SLI Mode support
  • Driver for OpenVR applications
  • Eye-tracking API and calibration through SDK
  • Plugin API for agnostic tracking architecture and device inputs

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Tracking Possibilities. Unbound.

Our two StarVR One models have built-in support for leading-industry tracking solutions. StarVR One is out-of-the-box-ready for SteamVR™ Tracking 2.0, and is ideal for easy setup in room-scale environments.
StarVR One XT features embedded active markers for compatibility with optical tracking systems for the most demanding use cases. It is further enhanced with ready-to-use plugins for a variety of tracking systems and provides the tools for implementing your custom needs.




2 x 4.77” AMOLED
Display resolution
16 million sub-pixels
Refresh rate
90Hz low persistence


Lens type
Custom Fresnel lenses
Field of view
210-degree horizontal FOV, 130-degree vertical FOV

Eye Tracking

Fully integrated Tobii eye tracking
IPD measurement
Yes with automatic SW adjustment
Dynamic Foveated Rendering


StarVR One
SteamVR™ tracking 2.0

StarVR One XT
Embedded active optical markers
Ready-to-use plugins for a variety of tracking systems
Customization tools


2 x 0.9m Type-C cables
2 x 5m Type-C extension cables
1 x 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with microphone
Optional cable adapter box
2 x DisplayPort
2 x USB 2.0
Total cable length


StarVR One
Semi-rigid headband
StarVR One XT
Soft head strap
Face cushion
Easily replaceable face cushion
StarVR One 450g*
StarVR One XT 430g*
*Only headset without head strap/headband and cables

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system
Windows® 10 64bits
Intel® core™ i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700X
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX1080